Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Then we have Dennis and Maikel. (pronounce: michael) These second year students c-md are more or less kinda almost half semi pro frisbee players.

Whenever they find time to throw the disc they are outside annoying the smokers.

Ja ventje...!

Coincidentally, this is another Tim. It seems that this Tim shares the same passion for wine as the other Tim does. This Tim walked 200 kilometers in several days a couple of years ago. He should have bought himself a nice bike.

This Tim has taken over the title "exception seeker" from Dwain, who left us in March. No matter what the teacher is trying to expain to us, Tim always finds the one exception that our teachers did not take into account.

It's the same Tim that is trying to go to New York this summer. Nobody exactly knows whether he is actually going or not.

And this Tim broke his leg last block period. You could always hear him limping around, like a cat with a small bell hanging on its neck.

Oh, and did I mention that this Tim is being accused of using non-existing words in his common day language?

Hunse mali!

Where's the queen?

Normally you would find The King (Arthur) at his girlfriend's. But she left to England last month so now Arthur is alone. And in Belgium, where he lives. The only passion remaining in his life is the internet.

He misses Jorijn...

Without Tim... we would speak better dutch.

This is Tim. He's from another region of our small nation called "Brabant". The population there consits of mostly farmers, except for this huge city (all things are relative, more than 200k people within 10 km² is considered "a huge city" here) called "Eindhoven". And that is, fortunately for him, where Tim's parents decided to live.

Tim has lived in Eindhoven for all his life. That is why his dutch has degraded ever since. We can hardly understand him. Still, we love Tim for who he is.

Without being able to communicate with us, Tim has a hard time giving us the same degree of love in return as we're giving him. And that's where the wine kicks is. Tim finds it a lot easier to express himself when drinking all kinds of alcoholic drinks.

But it's getting even worse. Tim's "sort of dutch" is affecting our linguistics as well. Within 8 months, Tim has changed our high standard dutch into farmers' dutch. Life will never be the same...

Tim, we love you.

Houdoe hè!

It's egg salad, honestly...

Whenever we feel the need of going to the canteen, we go to the canteen. This time Eelke decided she wanted egg salad on her roasted bread.

Having lunch in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Put the plastic-like cheese on your over-priced bread.

Step 2: Make a fluent motion towards your mouth, holding your newly-made sandwich.

Step three: Chew and swallow. Add, whenever necessary, wine to your saliva.

By the way, thank you Robbert for your lively contribution.

This is us.

Jacquie has asked us to create a blog about the student life at the Hogeschool Zuyd. "No problem" I'd say...

But let us first introduce ourselves to you.

This is Eelke. She is 18 years old and lives in Maasbracht. She loves drinking (white) wine. She also likes stars and the color pink.

This is Karim. He's 25 years old and lives in Geleen. He loves drinking in general. Oh and by the way, he likes Eelke.

And last but not least, this is Marcia. Apperantly this should trigger some sort of 'Brady Bunch' kinda thing. Anyway, she is 18 years old (19 next week) and lives in Cadier en Keer. She loves Hanson. (yes, the boy group) She loves Ivo as well.

So, there you have it. Enjoy our blog and be nice to Sylvia. I still need a mark from her.


So this will be the place to be when you're interested in how student life is like, here at the Hogeschool Zuyd. Come back frequently and discover the things we do in the litte spare time we have left.